Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Sweet Media Marketing Ltda. guarantees the confidentiality of the data you share with us. We will not sell or share this data with any company or individual without your prior authorization, except in judicial or administrative cases, where this request is made by governmental or legal entities. We use security features, like encryption, and the most reliable protocols to ensure that your information remains completely confidential, and to ensure that third-party sites do not access our database. All of our partners follow our privacy policy and security rules.

The collected data are made available to our partners only after disassociating the user’s identity from the user, making it impossible to identify the user, and only demographic or opinion data: e.g., data on Gender, Age, Region, Social Class, Consumer preferences, etc. are made available to our partners. The more data you provide, and the more accurate these data are, the more likely you are to receive campaigns and surveys specific to your profile. This is why it is important to always keep your profile up to date. Only individuals aged 16 years or older may register.

When you register, you are immediately included in our rewards program and can access several areas that are restricted to members only. We would like to remind you that all Internet browsing is protected by strong security protocols. From time to time, we may use tracking mechanisms, cookies, web beacons, etc., to observe your Internet browsing behavior. Our goal is to offer you the best campaigns and targeted surveys. No personal data will be collected that could jeopardize your privacy, and only records about your behavior on the virtual Internet are kept. Participation in surveys and campaigns is voluntary and you can see them on the ad wall upon entering the home screen.

Each person can only register once for each game. If any user registers more than once, it will be considered a violation of Sweet's privacy policy, and we will proceed to delete all registrations and cancel all points earned. Upon requesting reward redemptions, we will request your ID and bank account information to prove your identity and transfer or ship your reward. Without this information, we will not be able to redeem the available rewards.

Sweet reserves the right to cancel your registration if we determine that the information provided to us is not truthful, or that the scores obtained from tasks, surveys, or other forms of point exchange were carried out fraudulently. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. Any modifications will be published in this document and sent to your registered email. You agree with our Privacy Policy by confirming your registration. To cancel your registration, send an email to If you unsubscribe, you will automatically stop receiving our emails, and you will also lose all accumulated points up to this time, unless you already requested a withdrawal before requesting to be unsubscribed.

Sharing information with research companies

Sweet Media Marketing Ltda. may share your personal and/or demographic information - including but not limited to your unique user identification ("IUU"), zip code, region, state, gender, marital status, education, ethnicity, occupation, residence, product and service consumption profile for consumer goods (e.g., computers, cars, cell phones, video games, etc.), whether you have a pet or not, whether you own your residence or not, or your job position - with any individual research company, which we shall refer to as the "Third Party MR Company", or collective research companies, which we shall refer to as Third Party MR Companies" for the following purposes:

If you are eligible to receive and answer surveys via the Third Party MR Company, the Third Party MR Company will provide your unique user ID (“IUU”) and link to Sweet Media Marketing Ltda. so we can send you emails and in-game notifications. Sweet Media Marketing Ltda. will not share your name, email address, or telephone number with THIRD Party MR Companies. In addition to sharing your information with Third Party MR, your information may be transferred and stored outside your country of residence, including but not limited to the United States, and by agreeing to this privacy policy, you agree that your information will be processed and exported according to what has been established in this section. If you have any questions about data sharing, please contact us at You can unsubscribe from the email list by clicking on "If you don’t want to receive emails, click here." Contained in any email sent by Sweetbonus / SweetPanel. We are responsible for informing Third Party MR Companies if you choose not to participate. Please note that Sweet Media Marketing Ltda. is solely responsible for managing all opt-out requests. Your participation in research opportunities does not entitle you to any benefits offered to Third Party MR Companies.

If you have any questions, please contact the Sweet team at